Lighting and Location

Every shop must create and maintain a distinct identity that allows it to stand out, to be unique in some way. Lighting is one element used in creating that identity, allowing shop owners to show off merchandise in dramatic or straightforward ways, whatever you need to attract customers, persuade them to take a closer look, and provide visual comfort while they browse.
From some years now , B.M.B DECOR LINE offers their customers a lighting system based on LEDtechnology(Light Emitting Diode) a low-power, high-efficiency technology created with non-toxic materials, LED lamps are the next generation of lighting, leading the way into the green age of illumination.

There are a number of important reasons why LED lighting is better than other lighting technologies :

- Longer life spans : LED lamps last 25.000 hours VS the 2.500 hours of incandescent and 10.000 hours of neon lamp.
Not only will you be helping the environment, you’ll be saving money, too.

- High Efficiency : superior light output, 72W per linear meter VS 600W  for halogen  and 120W for neon lamp and efficient thermal management with overheating of the displaycase of 5/6°C of the room temperature VS 50/60°C of halogen and 40°C of neon lamp.

- Superior color, increased comfort: High color rendering index – which indicates accurate true color reproduction, means LED lights produce light that is more pleasing and relaxing, increasing comfort and mood but among other reasons EXCELLENT RESULT ON THE BRILLIANCE OF THE PRODUCT.

Switching from a traditional to an LED based lighting system can yield significant energy savings.

According to the result of the LCA(life Cycle Assessment)analysis conducted by Osram, in collaboration with Siemens Corp Technology (Centre for Eco Innovations) LED lighting is much safer for the environment because it is mercury-free and doesn’t produce IR or UV rays, which can be harmful to humans. . In other words, LED lamps are the greenest and most environmentally-friendly source of light on the market.
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